Supplier of Industrial and Consumer Batteries, Chargers, and Battery Packs


The Dantona Story

Humble Beginnings

In October of 1988, Sal and Don Dantona were sitting in their mom’s kitchen thinking about going into business for themselves. Mom was cooking something on the stove, probably a giant pot of meatballs and sauce. Yes, there were challenges starting a new business, and of course financing was a concern.

Mr. and Mrs. Dantona helped with a loan by mortgaging their home. Dantona Industries was formed November 1st, 1988. They had a plan – it was to provide a quality product, good prices, and treat customers the way they wanted to be treated.

They worked out of their childhood home, packaging batteries on their mom's washer/dryer. The living room was their warehouse.

Meet Team Dantona

Paul Dantona - Battery Buyer Extraordinaire

The business grew and they recruited Paul, their younger brother, who was working at the local hardware store. Yes, the legendary Paul Dantona – now battery buyer extraordinaire.

Billy S. - Packing Expert

They hired Billy S., a young man who now runs our custom pack department. The company was growing fast – it was their hard work and help from the Lord that gave them their success. Almost twenty-five years later, Sal and Don, along with their two brothers, Paul and John, run one of the largest specialty battery distributors in the USA. Dantona stocks all batteries from A to Z. Dantona Industries is a rather unique master distributor, Dantona sells both industrial batteries as well as consumer batteries.

Mr. & Mrs. Dantona

Mr. and Mrs. Dantona are still active in the company. Mr. Dantona celebrated his 88th birthday this year.

Our Sales Team

Our sales team consists of Greg, Jamie, Jim, Jimmy and Gary. They field all your cross referencing calls. Our vast inventory is managed by Dave and Steve. Of course there is the office crew: Lorraine, Gail, Nancy, Pat and Mike.

Our Warehouse Team

Our warehouse is over 30,000 square feet, stocked wall to wall with batteries. The warehouse team includes Alan, Danny, Sergio, Frank, Tom, Howie, Billy, Mynor, Margarita, Alta, Sallie, Will, Marshall and Pasqual.

Our Packing Team

Custom packs, of which we make many every day, are assembled by Billy, Hayman, Ana, Mitza, Jerry, Leon and Ben. When you order a custom made pack, or for that matter, any battery that requires special labeling, Dave J. is making that label. He also makes the labels for our customers that require private labeling.

So that’s the Dantona team – two guys with a dream, a family that helped when they needed them most, and a belief in God.


I am proud to be a part of this American Dream. We have grown into a large company that still has a personal feel. We enjoy helping and dealing with our customers.

- Greg Santise, 2014

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