My original battery is ni-cad can I use a nimh battery?

Yes they are interchangeable.

My original battery was 1200 ma. Can I use the 1800 ma version that’s available?

Yes…. All the higher ma means is that it lasts longer. It’s like having a larger gas tank, it just runs longer.

I hear lithium ion batteries are longer lasting, can I use instead of my original nicad/nimh?

No, lithium ion batteries require using a lithium ion charger and should not be substituted for nicad or nimh batteries.

What is a primary lithium battery?

It is a lithium battery that is not rechargeable.

I once heard that you can tell the size of some batteries by their part number.

That is correct. A lithium coin cell cr2032 is 20mm wide by 3.2 high.

I am in need of a custom made pack that I can’t find on your website.

Send us an email. We can usually make a pack to your specifications if a sample or drawing is supplied.

I see you have consumer cells and industrial cells. What is the difference?

Industrial cells have flat tops and are usually assembled into packs while consumer cells have a raised button top and make contact in a consumer application.

Someone told me Dantona has the largest selection of batteries in the world.

True. Yes, Dantona has one of the largest selections of batteries in the world.

Do you sell used batteries?

No all our batteries are brand new.

Should batteries be charged overnight before using?

Yes. A full 16 hour overnight charge should be given to nicad or nimh batteries before using.