The Dantona Story

Humble Beginnings

In October of 1988, Sal and Don Dantona were sitting in their mother’s kitchen deciding about going into business for themselves. Mom was cooking something on the stove, probably a giant pot of meatballs and sauce.

Yes, there were challenges in starting a new business, and of course financing was a major concern.

However, Mr. and Mrs. Dantona helped with a loan by taking a mortgage out on their home. Thus, Dantona Industries was formed November 1st, 1988. They had a plan – it was to provide a quality product, good prices, and treat customers the way they wanted to be treated. They worked out of their childhood home, packaging antennas on their mother’s washer/dryer. The living room was their warehouse.

By God’s grace shortly thereafter, they moved into an 1800sq foot building. At first, cordless telephone metal telescoping antennas and rubber bumpers were their product lines.  However, it soon became obvious that every cordless telephone not only had an antenna, but a battery!

Hence, the battery business of Dantona Industries was born. From the original 12 phone batteries, Dantona has grown into 6000 different products, spanning 43 different applications and 30,000 square feet full of batteries.

Adding products and customers

As their business grew, so did their battery relationships. Sanyo, Panasonic, Enersys, Saft and Tadiran just to name a few. Dantona quickly became one of the premier replacement battery suppliers in the country literally pioneering the replacement battery business in the US in the 90’s even before replacement batteries was commercialized.

Current Accomplishments

As the nations premier replacement battery supplier, Dantona is in every major Battery Buying Group, selling every major Electronic Distributor, franchised for every major battery manufacturer, and has their popular brands (Ultralast, Denaq and Dantona) in the largest retailers (Ace Hardware, Best Buy, Walmart)

Our Team

Dantona recognizes that, without God’s help first, and a loyal team of employees (many for almost 3 decades) they would not be as successful. Managing, purchasing, handling, shipping and receiving 6000 items takes a dedicated and experienced team.

Dantona’s 30 employees (in as many as 5 different states) are as loyal and dedicated as they are diverse. Dantona is very grateful to their entire staff because together we have won a multitude of customer service awards and recognitions that line their building’s vestibule.

Going Forward

As a new generation of Dantonas join the company, and the replacement battery business continues to grow, Dantona sees a bright future, Lord willing, for the next 34 years as the premier small battery supplier in the country.