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April 30, 2020

Dantona Continues Gradual Reopening May 4th

To our valued customers,

As many of you know, we were closed between April 6th and April 17th. We did come back to work on April 20th in a limited capacity, and with split shifts. We’re grateful that God has protected all our employees and families.  We also have instituted strict guidelines to assure the safety of our employees. So far, that has been very effective. To God be the thanks!

As a result, we will start resuming drop shipping and order portal (with some exceptions on Custom Made items as our Custom Pack section is swamped).  We will also be notifying more and more customers that we are now, not 100%, but getting there more and more.

There are still going to be a few delays especially in Custom Made Pack orders and we have still have not resumed private label packaging.  All goods are shipping in Ultralast packaging.

We are seeing, even on Long Island, many positive signs. Not the least of which is diminishing hospital admissions, increasing surplus of empty ICU units and reduced infections.

We are glad that Nassau County is reserving empty beds, ICU units and ventilators should there be a spike in cases as we open up things here on Long Island. We will even have testing available at our local pharmacy in the next couple of weeks!  No symptoms needed!

Although the virus is scary… we still have a 98% recovery rate here, and knowing emergency rooms are taking patients (for any reason) give us great comfort.

We do appreciate your patience with our situation and we’re trying to “normalize” (not sure what that means these days) as best we can.

What we do know, and have as our first priority, is the safety and health of our employees and their families.  And we plan on maintaining our safety protocols, to assure just that.

Contact:,, for any questions.


Sincerely, Don and Sal Dantona